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The Beijing Chinese School of New York

  The Beijing Chinese School of New York was founded by the latest exponent of a long history of educator family Ms. Wendy Liang in 1997. The goal of the school was to provide a solid foundation to train students to become bilingual talents who has great visions and understand the both the Chinese and English cultures profoundly, so that they would be able to set their feet in the mainstream of the American society and become a solid strength of strengthening the economic and cultural exchange of the Chinese and American communications and cooperation. This school is non-profit organization of continuing education registered by the New York State Department of Education (The tuition that students paid could be applied towards tax deductions at the end of the year according the tax law).

  The Beijing Chinese School specializes in teaching Chinese in the internationally recognized pin yin system of phonetics, in the simplified style of writing (while also teaches classical traditional Chinese writing), and in standard common speech of Putonghua (Mandarin). First rate teachers and top-notch quality education are the competitive advantages of the school. Since our founding, we have experienced continuous growth that our faculty and students have reached several hundreds, that we have already accomplished our overall teaching goals, that is, the Chinese classes will be the main programs and it is complimented by the weekend English class, math classes, weekend talents class (music, art, and dancing…etc.), after school programs (the normal school days Monday to Friday), summer English – Chinese bilingual class, summer talent class (Monday to Friday, half day or full day program), as well as summer China travel tour…etc.

  To accommodate the demand of the new trend, our school has recently started to host the summer program of Chinese students travel to the United States for study tour, Children Art and Cultural Exchange Program and short term Oral Chinese Program for those American professors who travel to China to teach English, to promote the cultural exchange of the Chinese and Americans and improve the understanding and friendship between the people of both countries.
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